SHE'S GOT IT ALL - Jewel QuinlanJewel Quinlan

SHE'S GOT IT ALL - Jewel Quinlan

She’s living her dream not knowing she’s stolen someone else’s…

For Kayla Cross getting a job as a DJ at legendary club Grace in Ibiza is a dream come true. It’s what she has worked for her entire life. Even if she had to do it behind her parents’ back like a dirty secret. She left everything behind in order to give it her all, and she finds it’s going to take far more than the level of confidence she has in order to pull it off.

Not getting the DJ job means another season of bartending for Lex Granger, and watching longingly as others play on stage. When his boss orders him to make Kayla feel at home he almost rebels. But his need to pay bills wins over his emotions. He resents his competition but can’t help being affected by her sunny disposition, talent and long lean form. Walking the line between admiration and envy can be agony…


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Listening Time: 4 hers 55 mn

Narrator: Melissa Moran

Listen to a Sample:


Kayla had seamlessly taken control of the sound system a few minutes ago and the stuff she had been playing was good, better than the typical pre-recorded shit. But what caught his attention now was the sound of her voice. She was singing into the mic on her headset. Not lyrics but a beautiful stream notes that seemed to flutter from her gut up to her vocal chords in a lilting, low sound that was captivating.

The notes she sang rose and fell, exotic and mysterious with the intriguing underlying beat. Her voice called, it drew… and soon women were rising from their seats to the small dance area to move and sway with the music, and the men followed them. The same people that had been oblivious to the music a moment before as they’d smoked and talked were now giving their full attention to Kayla.

It wasn’t just the music that mesmerized them, it was Kayla herself. She was a vision. Her blond hair gleamed under the lights and her shoulders and hips writhed in a sexy dance. And all the while she continued turning knobs and flipping switches to make the music she sang to. She was absorbed in it and having a great time all at once. Sometimes her hair flicked when she gyrated as if in punctuation to her movements. Combined with the sound of her voice, she was like a beacon—the song of an angel caressing and drawing everyone in. It was like nothing he’d ever heard before.

“Hola!” said a man in an aggressive tone, waving a one hundred Euro bill. “Can we get ten shots of Patron?”

“Of course. Right away, friend,” Lex said, focusing back in on his job.

It was a while before he could come back up for air. But when he did, he noticed that the space was packed with bodies dancing to the music Kayla played. And, although she was keeping it mellow as instructed, it was the biggest crowd he’d ever seen on the terrace during the day. Security continuously went through, trying to keep key paths clear.

Hands holding cell phones were up in the air, outstretched toward her, as they took pictures and videos. Through it all she wore the brightest smile he’d ever seen, occasionally lifting one hand to press the earphones closer. She changed the tempo to a faster beat and the crowd responded with cheers. She bounced up and down in joy, hand waving above her head with exhilaration, and the people lifted and pumped their fists in mimicry.

She was every bit as good a DJs they’d had before and more. She was the embodiment of everything he thought he would have experienced and felt had it been him on the stage. Somehow, she caught him watching, and gave him a cheery wave. Embarrassed, he waved awkwardly back, and then pulled his eyes back down to the bar. And, even though he could acknowledge that Rick had been right, that she was good, he couldn’t help feeling the tiny nugget of palpable distaste lodged deep in his chest.